NextLevel Training List

Accounting & Cost Management
A New Paradigm of Management Accounting for Business Decisions
Accounting Best Practices
Activity Based Costing (ABC): Concept and Application
Activity-Based Cost Management: Managing Cost & Performance
Advanced Cost Accounting
Best Practices of Cost Reduction & Cost Control
Business Combination Accounting
Derivatives Accounting & Tax
Essential for Accounting Payroll
Fixed Assets Accounting
Fundamental of Cost Accounting
Fundamentals of Indirect Cost Rates
Inventory Accounting
Managerial Accounting: Concept for Planning and Control
Overhead Cost Management
Strategic Cost Management
Accounting & Financial Analysis
Accounting Information Analysis for Business Decision
Analisa Restrukturisasi Keuangan Perusahaan
Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
Financial Accounting Analysis and Reporting
Financial Statement Analysis
Optimizing Financial Analysis Using MS Excel
Strategic Business & Financial Analysis
Administration and Secretarial Skills
Administration Skills
Best Practices for Personnel & HR Assistants
Business Writing for Secretary & Administrative
Effective Office Management
How to Support Multiple Bosses
Strategic Skills for Secretary & Administration Peofessionals
Professional Filing & Records Management
Secretarial Skills for the New Secretary
Secretary Excellence
The Conference for Secretaries & Administrative Assistant
The Indispensable Secretaries & Administrative Assistant
Financial Leadership & Controllership
Essentials of the Controllership
Strategic Skills for Financial Controllers
Leading Finance and Accounting Department
Making the Transition from Controller to CFO
Strategic Skills for Financial Controllers
The Controllers in Action
Financial Management
Advanced Corporate Cash Management
Asset and Liability Management
Asset Management
Best Practice Payable Management
Collection Strategy & Negotiation for Non Financial Company
Corporate Cash Management
Credit Risk, Receivable & Corporate Collection Management
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting for Non-finance
Intermediate Finance & Accounting for Non-finance
Managerial Decision and Capital Budgeting
Managing Liabilities, Liquidity & Cash: Balancing Financial Risk
Organizing and Managing Accounts Payable
Short-Term Financial Management
Treasury Management for Non Specialist
Financial, Accounting, and Internal Control
Advanced Cost Control: A Strategic Guide
Best Practices of Accounting Control
Budget Control for Operation Develop in Manufacturing Company
Financial Control Management
Effective Internal Controls: Concept & Implementation
Managers Guide to Improving Internal Control: SOX Approach
Planning & Controlling Operations: A Practical Approach for Ctrler
Financial Planning & Budgeting
The Essentials of Corporate Budgeting
Budgeting Planning and Profit Control
Budgeting and Cost Control
Developing Budget Using MS Excel
Fundamentals of Budgeting for Non Specialist
Modern Financial Modeling
Financial Reporting
Creative Accounting: Understanding Grey-Area Accounting
Creative Cashflow Reporting
Fast Closing Monthly & Year-End Accounts
International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS)
Managing Closing Effectively
PSAK Standard For Financial Statements
Tax Accounting & Fiscal Reconciliation
The Statement of Cash Flow (SCF)
Fraud and Risk Management
Enterprise Risk Management Application
Essentials of Finance & Operation Risk Management
Financial Risk Management
Foreign Exchange Risk Management
Fraud Prevention & Detection for Non Auditor
Managing Risk in Asset Management
Operational Risk Management
Fraud Audit Basic Course
Best Practices in Fraud Auditing
Fraud Examination 1: Introduction to Fraud Examination
Fraud Examination 2: Techniques and Approach
Fraud Examination 3: Communicating the Results
Interviewing Skills for Anti-Fraud Specialist
Fraud Audit Advanced Course
Business Fraud Prevention Manual—ACFE Version
Contract and Procurement Fraud
Executive Road-Map to Prevent Fraud
Fighting Fraudulent Financial Reporting
Fraud Auditing in Financial Institution
Fraud Auditing Using ACL
Management Fraud
Money Laundering: Melacak Dana-dana Gelap
Policies and Procedures to Prevent Fraud
Principles of Fraud Examination
Purchasing Fraud: Prevention, Detection and Solution
Human Resources Management
A Guide to HR for New HR Staff
Effective Solutions for Unacceptable Employee Behavior
Finance Essentials for the HR Manager
Human Resources Management
Human Resources Planning
Human Resources Strategy
Job Analysis and Evaluation
NLP for Human Resources Communication
Performance Management & Appraisal
Smart Interview, Selection, and Recruitment
Training the Trainers
Internal Audit Basic Course
Advanced Audit Techniques and Tools for the Senior Auditors
Audit Report Writing (Included Exercises)
Basic Audit Techniques and Tools for the New Auditors
Best Practices in Internal Auditing
Communication Skills for Internal Auditors
Fraud Auditing: Prevention, Detection & Investigation
Leadership Skills for Internal Auditors
Modern Framework of Internal Auditing
Skills for the Beginning Auditors
Internal Audit Advanced Course
A New Dimension in Operational Auditing
Audit Excellence
Audit Sampling: Techniques and Approach
Auditing Business Processes
Auditing Investment Activities
Auditing the HR Function
Auditing the Manufacturing Process
Auditing the Marketing Function
Auditing the Risk Management Process
Continuous Auditing
Control Self Assessment (CSA)
Corporate Governance: Strategies for Internal Audit
COSO-based Audit
Effectiveness Internal Control Complying Sarbox & SAS 99
Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Evaluating Internal Controls: COSO-based Application
Financial Analysis for Internal Auditor
Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors
How to Detect Creative Accounting & Fraud in Financial Report
How to Establish Effective Internal Controls
Implementing Effective Internal Control
Information System Audit (Audit Sistem Informasi)
Managing Internal Audit Department
Performance Audit
Principles of Control Self Assessment
Principles of Internal Auditing
Process Flow Auditing
Project Management for Auditors
Quality Assurance for Internal Audit Department
Risk-based Internal Auditing (RBA)
The Auditor’s Practical Guide to Governance
Management Leadership Development
Basic Supervisory Skills
Creative Leadership Workshop for Managers, Spv, and Team Lds
Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness
Leadership for Women
Leadership Skills for Supervisor
Leadership Skills: Building Success Through Teamwork
Making the Transition from Staff Member to Supervisor
Making the Transition to Management
Management Skills for New Managers
Management Skills for New Supervisors
Successfully Managing People
The Leadership Challenge
Managerial Skills and Soft Skills
Assertiveness Skills for Managers and Supervisors
Assertiveness Training
Basic of Time Management Workshop
Basic Presentation Techniques for the Beginners
Basic Problem Solving Techniques
Communication Skills: Results Through Collaboration
Dealing with Difficult People
Debits and Credits: How Accounting Really Works
Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills
Effective Delegation & Task Management
Effective Time Management: Prioritizing for Success
Etiquette & Personal Image for Professionals
Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting for Secretary & Adm
Handling Conflict at Work Place
How to Write Effective Policies and Procedures
Management Essentials
Managerial Skills for Secretaries, Administrative & Prof,l Staff
Negotiation Skills for Purchasing Officer
Negotiation Skills: Achieving Successful Outcomes
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Professional Report Writing Techniques
Strategies for Developing Effective Presentation Skills
Team Building, Mentoring & Coaching Skills for Mgr & Spv
Marketing, Salesmanship and Customer Service Training
Basic Telephone Skills
Change Management in Competitive Business
Front-liner Basic Skills
Marketing Plan
Selling Skill and Product Knowledge for Banking
Service Quality Awareness (Mindset)
Smart Selling Techniques
The Outstanding Receptionist
Policies & Procedure (SOP)
Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual
Business Fraud Prevention Manual (BPRO-LPAI)
Developing a Comprehensive Accounting Manual & Procedure
Finance Policies and Procedures (SOP Finance)
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Sales & Marketing Policies and Procedures
Strategic Management
Business Plan: A Comprehensive Approach
Financial Considerations for Business Decision Making
Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
Human Resouces Strategy
Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Thinker
Practical Strategic Management


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